Our slogan Repair it. Yourself! is the program: Repairing has never been so easy!

With QUIXX products in professional quality, you can do this in the twinkling of an eye and achieve the best results: From scratches or scratches in (car) paint, acrylic or metal surfaces to damage such as dents or stone chips on the vehicle, QUIXX has the right products in its range.

For yellowed headlights, faded tyres or weathered plastic surfaces, we also have easy-to-use sets ready to give your vehicle a fresh look in no time at all.


  • has been in business for 25 years with innovative do-it-yourself repair products
  • ver the years has built up unique expertise in the repair and protection of all surfaces of cars, motorcycles, boats, bicycles and motor homes.
  • our products are available in over 50 countries

We attach great importance to - Made in Germany.

The premium products are produced only from the best raw materials. With tested quality from TÜV and DEKRA they save you the expensive trip to the workshop.

Customers all over the world are already convinced. Our innovative QUIXX Glass Scratch Remover, for example, received the coveted German Innovation Award in the Household & Appliances category, while the Lacquer Scratch Remover and Acrylic Scratch Remover received TÜV awards for their effectiveness.

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